New to teaching abroad and need some guidance... oh and we have dogs

Hello all,

I am unsure where to begin. I am a certified Social Studies teacher in NJ for the past 13 years.This year I started teaching Digital Arts. My wife and I would like to move abroad and I would like to teach abroad. She is a Physical Therapist. We are not sure where to start.

so if anyone one has thoughts on the following questions:

should I go through a company to find a job?
Any opinions on where to look into teaching.
Should I get my TEFL cert?
any sugestions on where to go to start researching this change in life style?

the last issue is we have dogs. I know different countries have different rules on dogs entering their country and some cultures do not consider dogs in the same manner as in the states. Has anyone ever taken their dogs with them?

thank you in advance and i am sure i will have more questions later.