My name is Hendrik and my wife is Illze, we have two sons named Sebastian(4) and Hunter(2) .
We are both qualified teachers in South Africa.
My main subjects are Mathematics/ Geography Grade 8-10. With +- 10 years experience. National Teaching Diploma/ SACE . N4 Mechanical Engineering
Mathematics,Engineering Science,Draughting,Supervisory Management
My wife's main subjects are Geography / English Grade 8-12 with +- 7 years experience. National Teaching Diploma / SACE

I'm currently working as a Draughtsman/ Mechanical perpetrator at a mine. For the last 6 years.
My wife is currently teaching at a High School.

We are thinking of moving to UAE for teaching.

I would like to know if this is a possibility with our qualifications ?
What about our kids? Will they be able to come with ? Schools for them?
Living in UAE?

Pros and cons?
Thank you