Questions from a New Applicant (Forms, etc)

Hi there!

I just recently began completing my profile and dashboard following  graduation and teacher certification. Some of the documents I need to upload according to the document panel in my dashboard are a health form and job application form. I am not sure what type of forms these are or when during the recruitment process they will be needed. Is it okay if I wait until I hear back from a recruiter or employer before submitting them or is it necessary to do beforehand?

I have some things working for me in that I recently obtained my Master's of Education and have 2 years of experience working in the education field ( e.g. completing an internship, resident taching, substitute teaching, and tutoring). In spite of this, because I am recently licensed, I do not have experience working as a full-time teacher in one classroom, post-license. I am still hoping that that will be overlooked in view of my other strengths, training, and work experience.

Hope to hear from someone soon!