Teach Away Professional Development Courses: We want your feedback!

Hey everyone, Janice from Teach Away here! We are currently in the very early stages of developing an online Professional Development program for teachers (like you) and we need your help!

Below are 3 courses that we are currently looking into creating:

  • Mindfulness in the Classroom
    Mindfulness is the practice of attending to the internal and external experiences that are happening at the present moment. Research has been demonstrating the positive effects of mindfulness in the classroom, both in students’ learning but also in classroom behavior management. In this course you will learn about mindfulness best practices, the research connecting mindfulness to the classroom, and how to integrate mindfulness in the classroom.
  • Avoiding Gender Biases in the Classroom
    There’s been an abundance of research on the adverse and long-term effects of gender bias in the classroom. This course will give teachers the tools they need to recognize and avoid gender bias in the classroom, creating a positive and gender-inclusive space for all students.
  • The Diverse Classroom: Connecting with Kids and Parents of Different Cultures
    With classrooms around the world becoming increasingly diverse, many teachers face a culture gap that can negatively affect their ability to build relationships with students and their families. This course will give teachers the resources and communication tactics that they need to create a culturally inclusive classroom and develop positive communication with culturally diverse parents.

We want to know which course you would would invest in and why? Let us know in the comments below!