Where do I start?

I just want t be teaching there already !!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Orla and I am currently working as a year 1 teacher in England. This will be my third year of teaching. I have experience in a reception, year 5 and year one teacher. Also I have been looking into working in the U.A.E for the past year but not sure where to start at all! PLEASE HELP!!! I have uploaded some of my qualifications to my profile but just waiting to make sure all is right before uploading the rest. I have looked at a number of jobs but find it hard to pick as it gives a number of destinations about U.A.E, and I'm very nervous in picking that job because I was looking into Dubai or Abu Dhabi to be more specific. Is there any tips you all can help me with to secure a job out there?

Thanks a million,