Do I have the correct qualification to teach abroad preferably in the UAE?

Hi there

I am interested in teaching in the UAE. I have a Masters qualification in Drama and Performance and I was a lecturer for nearly 20 years at a University of Technology in South Africa.. I do not have a teaching qualification however I am in the process of studying the TEFL which I should complete at the end of October 2017.

I have noticed that most of the positions require a teaching certificate then it has a comma followed by a University Degree. Does this mean that you require both to teach or would a degree suffice? In South Africa lecturers are considered to be far more qualified than teachers because of the NQF level system of education.

I was also concerned about the academic school year, which has already started in the UAE. Do you have to apply at the start of the academic year are applications all year round ?

I look forward to your reply