I am wondering what further qualifications that I need


I have been very interested in teaching English abroad and do not know the next steps to take especially with my education. I have an associate of arts degree and am currently working on my bachelors in pre medicine or as they say now "pre professional " and have one year left. I am willing to get the TEFL certification in order to make myself more marketable and gain employment abroad. I am also willing to change my major if need be ,that's how passionate and committed I am to doing this and helping others. I have consulted with my 3 children and they are willing to go wherever I go and can be of service. I have no preference to what country I go to as long as my children's safety is not a concern. What are my options with 3 children and what are the next steps I need to take in the education sense to make this happen quickly? Thanks so much for your time.

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