Is it possible?

Hello Everyone.

I am Indonesian with bachelor degree in Mathematics and Actuarial Science. I graduated in 2012 and have been teaching mathematics in international schools in Indonesia for 5 years. I teach Cambridge IGCSE and A/AS Level maths for 4 years and this year, i teach IGCSE Maths and IB DP Maths HL for Grade 11 and 12. I am a Cambridge Examiner for IGCSE Additional Maths and an IB Examiner for MYP Maths.

I have completed 2 stages of Cambridge Online Training for Mathematics 9709 (A/AS Level) and i have completed IB Asia Pacific Regional Workshop for DP Mathematics SL (Category 2).

I don't have any teaching license and so far, the two schools that i have been working with don't have any issue with this.

I really want to teach overseas (if possible in IB schools) to gain some international experience. However, after doing some online research, I found out that the schools always demand teaching license.

I would like to know if any if you can suggest me what to do? is it possible for me to teach overseas without teaching license? if so, which country? Or perhaps you know where i can get internationally recognized teaching license? In Indonesia, it is not possible for me to get it since my major was not Education when I was in Uni.

Would really appreciate your input and suggestion.