What are my options?

Help please,

I have recently become obsessed with trying to find a job in the Middle East or United Arab Emirates. I have spent 2 years in banking industry, 2 years in the police service and past few months with the Ministry of Justice.

Qualifications, I have BA Criminology, Level 1 in Sports Leadership, Level 1 in British Weight Lifting and TEFL qualification. The more I research the harder it's getting, I see I need a relevant degree to what I teach. Professional teaching qualifications such as PGCE, QTS and other such qualifications.

NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE- other than taking some classes in sports coaching and being assistance with police cadets.

Options I could take are; MA in English and then PGCE, A - levels maths and PGCE. Or just go straight into PGCE primary. Those are the only options I am aware of. I need support and guidance exploring more options and discussing them.

Questions I have are;
1. Are the above good options to consider?
2. What else can you recommend?
3. Is there a high level of possibility of UAE or Middle East getting more strict by the time I have completed these qualifications?
4. Am I chasing a dream, each time I get close to it. It gets further away?

Mind is running with options and questions.

Any help, support or guidance will be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation of you're response.