When do I need to start applying?

Kia ora koutou,

My partner and I have decided we want an adventure so are wanting to work somewhere in the Middle East for a couple of years (either Dubai or Saudi). I am a qualified English and French high school teacher with five years experience and my partner is a refrigeration engineer and plumber by trade here, in New Zealand. Now that we have decided to do it, we are incredibly excited but we have some questions (and have no idea where to start!):

1. We want to go over for the start of the school year 2018 (August/ September) - when do I need to apply for jobs?
2. I am half way through an ESOL post graduate diploma, would finishing this make me more hireable?
3. We are supposed to get married in August next year, would we be better off getting married this year so we are married when applying for jobs/ work visas etc...?
4. Would it be easier for me to get a job and he find a job near me or vice versa?
5. How do we decide where to go? Dubai, Saudi, somewhere else? I have heard that going to the Middle East is quite a gamble, the schools take advantage and there is zero respect for foreign teachers... on the other hand I know of teachers that have gone over there for a couple of years and have ended up staying because they love it.

Thank you for reading this and I am looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Thanks again,