Sorry for the concerns about my delay.
I signed here two months ago and I never did a properly presentation of myself. For that I think will help a small extract from my cover letter.

To whom it may concern, I am a European Spanish teacher who is looking for new teaching experiences around the world which help me to develop my own skills as a professional in my area. The importance to be open-minded and let explore the diversity of teaching ways, according with each country and the behaviour among its citizens, each culture, and each different education systems is because I have an important search in my own develop as a teacher, and is grow while I am young with all international knowledge possible to help next generations with a quality teaching.
During my early life I worked in many different kind of jobs and lived seven months in Canada, where I improved my English skills. After that I worked in Germany in a Grundschule and Kindergarten to teach English, Spanish and arts.
I have enough competence to work in the field of education, teaching and with a professional team, and reach the expected duties.

Thank you for your attention and have a beautiful day.

Antonio Mirones