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Company Description

BlaBla is an online learning platform for native English speakers to teach English to adults in China with online videos. The company recognizes the fragmented characteristic of language learning. Unlike traditional online tutoring, BlaBla empowers teachers (native English speakers) to create engaging video content for users to learn at their own pace online. The company's mission is to foster a more convenient, fun, and effective educational experience for both teachers and learners. Founded in 2019, the company has established offices and R&D centers in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Silicon Valley. The company adheres to the belief that motivation and incentives are key to successful teaching and learning experiences.

BlaBla aims to deliver an experience similar to that of a full immersion language program that assists learners in building a native or bilingual language proficiency. The company continues to develop outstanding products with features such as speech recognition, scene recognition, user interest profile, and recommendation system using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. BlaBla believes that AI and machine learning will continue to be the core of quality educational experiences.

Mission: We are providing a platform for teachers and learners to experience convenient, fun, and effective English education.

Job Description

If you have been searching for that perfect part-time job online, look no further. During the global pandemic, nothing beats a great opportunity to work from home part-time and make some extra money online! Do you spend hours scrolling through Tiktok, Instagram or other short-form video apps? Are you outgoing and far from camera-shy? Wonder what it's like to teach English online and already have similar experience teaching English as a second language (ESL)? This is your chance to experience the one of a kind online ESL teaching! Click the apply button to potentially become an ESL Teacher / ESL Video Content Creator with BlaBla, the best platform to teach English through online videos.

Once the application is approved, we will invite you to a trial video assessment to create a demo video lesson. If the quality and style of the video match with our requirements, you would be offered to join BlaBla's content creator team as a Part-Time ESL Video Content Creator to teach our users English with more of your recorded video lessons. Once onboard, you would receive the regular base pay of $15 CAD/hr like the rest of our Part-Time ESL Video Content Creators. We are seeking native English speaking teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a passion for and experience in ESL teaching to help Chinese users build their English skills with creative pre-recorded video lessons. Sounds like something you would try? Apply now!



For the trial video assessment, you will:

  • Follow our Video Creation Guide to record and upload ONE video lesson to our team for trial assessment.
  • The DEADLINE to submit the video is 5 days after we receive your resume. Please submit the demo video as soon as possible so we can track your application.

Once offered the role of "Part-Time Video Content Creator", you will:

  • Come up with meaningful, educational, and engaging topics for video content. (Ranging from TOEFL and IELTS' oral exam prep to daily conversations, locations, hobbies, and careers. The choice is unlimited).
  • Record quality short videos between 30 to 60 seconds. You could do so either with a partner (e.g. Asking and answering IELTS questions) or you can record yourself (e.g. Explain frequent IELTS words or questions).
  • Maintain a ratio of 2-3 video uploads per hour spent on video creation, with 2 videos per hour minimum.
  • Each video is spoken entirely in English with a clear focus on a specific topic/subject matter. 
  • Upload recorded videos to and share within/through our app for Chinese ESL learners to absorb and learn.

Pay Rate

  • $11.5 USD/hr

Hours of Commitment

  • Between 4-6 hours per week on average
  • Maintain at least 5 billable hours per month
  • At least 1 video creation for the first 10 days since the started date
  • More than 50 short video lesson uploads per month preferred
  • Maintain a ratio of 2-3 video uploads per hour spent on video creation, with 2 videos uploads per hour minimum

If you feel like you're a good fit, don't hesitate to apply. We'd love to meet you!

Posted: March 2021
This is a Direct to School Job
Online , Online Teaching Jobs
April 2021
Director/Principal, Licensed Teacher, College/University Faculty, University Graduate, ESL Instructor, Vocational/Technical Instructor, Office/Administration Staff
USD 270 - 1500

Job Benefits

  • Competitive compensation
  • Opportunities to increase earnings (fixed hourly pay + up to 40% commission) through more collaborative paid video lessons with BlaBla based on the quality and impact of teaching. The higher the number of followers and positive feedback teachers received, the better the chances for this advancement. 
  • Opportunities to receive tips from users who find the video lessons created to be of helpful and high quality
  • Experience the thrill of an experience similar to a social media influencer (e.g. TikToker, Youtuber): seeing an increasing number of fans and gaining recognition in the field with the videos you shared
  • Flexible, collaborative, friendly, and supportive tech start-up working environment
  • Chance to be part of an international business community
  • Exclusive brand merchandise

Pay Rate 

  • $11.5 USD/hr

Qualifications & Requirements

1 Year
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly creative and articulate, able to explain concepts in videos with proper spelling, grammar, verbiage, and tools to effectively deliver a message
  • Previous ESL teaching or related teaching experiences preferred
  • Strong Familiarity with short-form online video platforms such as TikTok and Instagram 
  • Passionate about teaching and creating fun, educational, and story-telling videos
  • Prior experience in video editing (knowledge of digital video editing, compositing) preferred
  • Dedicated, consistent, and committed to posting quality video lessons regularly
  • Enjoy the challenge to constantly grow the number of user followers with the video content they created, similar to a social media influencer in the ESL community
  • Self-starters and impeccable communicators who think outside of the box
  • An active participant in English speaking clubs/organizations/sports preferred
  • Interested in digital media and entertainment, communications, business, marketing, social media, sales, and/or project management
  • Previous experience or transferable skills in marketing, social media, creative, project and events management, and data analysis 
  • Strong problem-solvers who are not afraid to ask for help when needed
  • Work well within a team and comfortable speaking in front of groups and interacting with new people
  • Strong time-management skills and ability to juggle multiple tasks and projects at the same time