10+ years coporate experience, Master's in Organizational Leadership-Will TEFL Certificate help land me a job in Middle East?

Hello Everyone!

My name is Elizabeth. I'm in my mid-30s, single and zero dependents, Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and a Master's in Organizational Leadership, 10+ years of work experience in the corporate world, i.e., accounting, business analyst, project manager, and program manager. In all of my job functions, there has always been teaching, training and development catered towards staff (all working adults with some formal educational background). A friend of mine recommended this site and my dilemma is that I'm not a licensed teacher, but I'm well educated and have excellent work experience from the United States. I'm planning on taking the TEFL Certification Course through the University of Toronto, and I should have that completed by the end of March.

By completing this certificate, what do you think are my chances of landing a job in the Middle East, preferably Dubai or Abu Dhabi with a TEFL Certificate, 10+ years corporate work experience,
a Bachelor's and Master's Degree?

I've been getting offers from Asia, but my first preference is the Middle East.

Thank you all so much! #inshallah