Turnaround time to get response from Placement Coordinators for Graduates of the TEFL course provided by Teach Away and OISE

Good Morning,

I have completed the TEFL International course through Teach Away recently. However as I have started applying to many jobs in the middle-east I haven't gotten any response yet from the Placement Coordinators. I was told that Students of the TEFL course provided by OISE and Teach Away are given preference. I am already a teacher here in Saudi Arabia and have over 8 years of experience in teaching Math and English, as well as coaching sports. In essence, my experience and qualifications should not hinder my chances. I am also in touch with the OISE staff who supported me throughout the course and they mentioned a placement coordinator should get in contact with me shortly. I would just like to know the turnaround time for me to get some results. I have applied to many positions across the middle-east, in the UAE, KSA, etc. Still no response or guidance.