What are the general requirements to teach Physical Education in most International Schools?


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Any insights and recommendations you are able to provide will be most helpful! I am currently teaching English in South Korea, but I am determined to further my education and become licensed to teach Physical Education. I have a bachelor's degree in Community Psychology. I plan on going back to school to earn my teaching license with an endorsement in Physical Education and then teach for a least two years likely in Minnesota or at a public school in the USA. After I complete this education and experience, would I qualify to teach at most international schools?

I do have one follow-up questions and would love any insights from you as well. Is there a University or program abroad or in the USA that you can recommend to earn my teaching license and PE endorsement in 2 years? I have done some research and ideally would like to be able to complete a teaching program within 2 years. I am open to an online program, as well.

Thank you again for any information and insights!
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