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Hi everyone,

I'm Frank and I live in Cape Town since 2011. I am a qualified teacher since 2014 for the following subjects (Accouting, Mathematics).

I am originally from Cameroon in central Africa and I arrived in South Africa in February 2011 to further my studies so I firstly completed my Honours degree in Investment and Finance before enrolled in 2014 for my PGCE.

Teaching has been always part of my life and I started tutoring back home in grade 10 and my first student was a grade 1. 

When I arrived in South Africa due to the language barrier I couln't start tutoring but after my one year english class precisely from April 2012, I was already working for Teachme2; later on in August 2012 I start with the School of Finance of the University of Western Cape (UWC).

I left UWC to the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2014 and from January 2014 I was tutoring for the Mathematics Department.

Looking back at my life I came to realize that Education is the only field where I have already positively contributed and where I am willing to give more of my time not just for money because there is none but to shape and empower lives.

So I took a full time position in January 2015 which I am still in; I Teach Accounting, Computer application Technology and Economic & Management Science.

I came across Teach away via my web browser.

I hope to find necessary help and to fit into the community.

I forgot , Je parles Francais. 

Good day

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