Geography/Earth Science Teachers?

Hi, my name is Richard, and I would like to teach Geography or Earth Science.  I have never taught these courses before, but I have 18 years experience teaching English to South Koreans, all age groups, all kinds of English.   

My once best friend Kim Kyeong cheol used to introduce me to his friends like this, "This is Richard, and he knows more about Korea than I do."  Likewise, my exwife used to say, "moreneun gay obsoyo," or "there is nothing he does not know."  I am, like I tell myself constantly, the world's greatest expert on places I have never been.  But I have been to about 70 countries.  I know the world.

I tried the job board here, and the only sure shot I could find is HESS, but they want one to work six days a week.  Can anyone stir me in the direction of a school that hires Earth Science/Geography teachers, or teachers with a humanities based approach to learning, and only wants that person to teach for five days?




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