Hello! I have questions and I need guidance!



 I haven't used a discussion board in a few years so please forgive me If I'm not using this properly. My name is Kendra and I've just completed my profile, and I have a few questions about the application process, Teachaway, and working abroad in general. I am sure my questions have been asked before, if so please direct me to the appropriate post. The Teachaway Dashboard has a document section what documents are required in order to submit an application? Does anyone currently work with or has been placed in a position by Teachaway? If so please tell me what the process was like, and rate your level of satisifaction with your assignment. I've gathered information about the UAE and surrounding areas, but I'm interested in hearing personal stories and experiences from people. So please feel free to share your most memorable, and challenging experineces about teaching abroad. How many of you currently hold non-teaching positions? How would you describe the work culture? 


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