How easy is it to for a family of 4 to settle in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

In 2011 I had the opportunity after my probation year to teach abroad having been accepted for the U.A.E, Oman and Qatar. In the end I opted to remain in Scotland as I felt it wasn't the right time in my teaching career. Despite this it has always been my intention to re-visit the idea of teaching abroad and I am keen on experiencing the culture and Lifestyle of Abu Dhabi or Dubai with the aim of teaching at one of the British International Schools. Realistically I would be looking at 2019-2020 to take the leap and would be aiming for a minimum of 4 years working. By that time I would have 10 years experience in primary teaching. If applying for a primary teaching job with that level of experience a) Is it likely I would be accepted straight away b) how much could i expect to earn in salary per month?

A lot has changed since 2011 as I am married with 2 children. Going by the above timescale our oldest child would be in school with our youngest starting nursery. Are school/pre-school places provided for an employee's children or is there extra costs added for them?

Also, I was told by a friend who works for an international school in Saudi Arabia that my partner (with an office background) would find work within the school on the business side of things as well. Even if there was no positions in the school, is it likely my wife would be able to settle into work quickly?

I understand that accommodation is usually provided as part of the deal along with furniture allowance. What is the accommodation provided like for a family of 4? Also what is it like in general for families to live in either place?

Any comments or information on the above questions would be greatly appreciated.