How to get Teacher qualified in UAE?

Hi all,
Really need your help and advice.

I am currently an Arabic teacher teaching Non Arabs at a British curriculum school in Dubai, (prior to this have no exp or qual in teaching) and have surprised myself by enjoying the profession and having a knack for it. Thus, I would like to transition into a Primary teacher as I am of British nationality (who can also speak arabic..!) and have more of an interest in teaching at a wider scale. However, I am at wits end as to which course would open doors for me and allow me further know-how and techniques into the world of teaching.
There is the iPGCE offered by Sunderland and Nottingham in Dubai, both of which you are asked to be working in a school, however you would need to do your own research as its all independent learning, and distance learning. I am a tad worried pursuing this, as some schools do not favour distance learning courses, and when I called up KHDA to see if this is accepted, they strictly said no to online degrees.
There is also the PGCE from Birmingham in Dubai, which is at a more considerable cost, full time learning, and requires to attend lectures and seminars. This would ultimately mean, I would need to leave my current position, and dedicate full time to this.
Another option is working with EYFS solely and gaining a CACHE level 3 course as an Early years Educator. I do enjoy teaching FS2 however cannot see myself teaching any younger children, I have seen some jobs have asked for just this qual, and it would be a lot cheaper, however I do not know if I am better off in the future in doing a post graduate in teaching.

If anyone has completed either of these and can suggest which option is the best for the long term, in applying for jobs etc in Dubai and allow me to learn more teaching know how I would appreciate it. As everything I have taught myself, observed and experimented with.

Now to be noted, I have read messages upon messages that your previous degree can have an impact on your employability, I am grateful to say I have a university degree but it is not relatable one bit to teaching (BSc Business Management).
Would I be wasting my time then in pursuing any of these teaching quals if I will be overlooked anyway on the basis of my previous degree??

I apologise for the magnitude of this email, and appreciate if you have read this far and can offer some guidance. As I have been deliberating constantly back and forth this past year and have not reached a decision as of yet.


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