Greetings to everyone, my name is Taylor Janes. I graduated with my bachelors degree in professional and applied ethics, a branch of philosophy, about a year ago. It was in my last year of the program that I decided I would like to teach others. Multiple colleagues expressed that it was very easy for them to accelerate their learning aptitudes with my assistance, so I naturally began thinking I could become an efficient teacher or professor. While I would eventually like to pursue a degree that would make possible for me to profess my favorite area of study at the university level, I would in the meantime enjoy exercising my new found intellectual skills by teaching my native language. Having only one year of actual teaching experience, I label myself as a novice educator at best. Although I have informally taught others under apprenticeships in carpentry for many years and I'm curious if any other educators out there have made similar transitions. But I'm open to all discussions or advice that anyone may have while I take these first steps of this new journey. Thank-you for reading my brief introduction and good luck on the path.