Phone interview

Hello! I did the phone interview on Wednesday. It went well and I'm super excited. The interviewer was nice, polite and very personal. I look forward to traveling to Abu Dhabi. The moment I hung up I had more questions. I hope someone here will be able to help. The position is for January 2017 school year just an FYI. I want to know will I be able to travel home in case of an family emergency? I have two sons, one is set to guaduate high school next year 2017, he's in boarding school and will not travel with me, but will I be able to attend his graduation in June? What about school supplies, do I have to bring my own? What if I don't like the hosuing provided, can I move else where? I remember the interver asking about my drivers license and whether I'm comfortable driving in Abu Dhabi, do I need to purchase a car while there? the dress code, I don't own a skirt or dress that comes to my ankles, do every school require this? I know I will get vacation days, but what days? Thanks in advance