What are my prospects of securing a position in Asia?

32 year old guy here from Australia.
I have a business degree (marketing) and a post graduate teaching diploma in teaching (primary)
A few years ago I taught in London for a couple of years as a supply/cover teacher, but never worked full time as a teacher at any one school.
I did however end up teaching at well over 100 schools which was pretty amazing
The past few years I have been working in sales related roles in Aus, but I am now strongly considering going to teach in Asia - China, Korea, Vietnam or Thailand are my preferences at this point.
I am just wondering what the prospects would be for someone with my current background? Would it be difficult for me to secure a job? Or would my skills/experience be in demand?
I'd be willing to obtain a CELTA/TEFL qual if this would open up many new doors for me also.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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